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No matter your business, you need marketing. After all, if people don’t what services or goods you’re selling, why would they ever come to you?

These days, “marketing” means a lot more than print ads and billboards — although it can absolutely mean those things, too. Today’s small business owners know that a good marketing strategy involves a huge range of avenues.

And who has time for that?

You know how stressful trying to tackle multiple marketing avenues can be.

That’s where a virtual assistant comes in. A marketing virtual assistant means the difference between hours each day getting sucked up by mundane tasks and hours each day spent focusing on your business.

Tasks your marketing virtual assistant can take off your plate

If you’re going to reach all of your potential customers, you have to show up where they’re looking. Our experienced marketing virtual assistants have you covered in the following areas.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing is when your company pays to boost your ads, like in a search engine. There’s more to it than that, but if you hire a marketing virtual assistant, you don’t have to spend a much of time learning it!


You’ve probably heard the term “SEO” — but do you know that it stands for search engine optimization? And do you know how to do it? Most small business owners don’t, and that’s totally fine! SEO is a complicated, ever-changing science. Lucky for you, our marketing virtual assistants can make sure your company ranks well on search engines.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practice of creating content — whether blog posts or podcasts or some other media — that pulls customers in to your website organically. The idea is focus on topics related to your business that your customers also want to read about and draw them in that way.

Many small business owners start a blog and think that they’ll be able to keep it up, only to realize within the first couple months that it’s much more work than they realized. A marketing virtual assistant will research, write, and publish those posts for you.

Social Media Marketing

More than ever, consumers are looking to social media first for reviews on products and services, and checking out the companies that sell them before they purchase. Our experienced social media virtual assistants will stay on top of all your online profiles and content for a fraction of the cost of hiring in house, or outsourcing to a social media management company.

Did you know: The average salary for a personal assistant is $39K per year, and outsourcing to a social media management company can cost anywhere from $36K to over $200K, but a virtual assistant is only around $4 to $16K per year. Plus, with a virtual assistant you get a lot more than just social media management support. They can help with inbox management, scheduling, purchasing, research, and much more!

Email Marketing

Do you have an email marketing strategy? If you do, how effective is it? Email, like every other written communication, can be done well — or it can be done very poorly. When you have a dedicated marketing virtual assistant in charge of your email marketing, you can rest assured that the tone, information, and messaging will always be on point.

Create an email newsletter

Many companies are launching email newsletters these days. That’s because delivering high-quality links and content to your customers on a regular basis is a great way to stay in the front of their minds! But curating that content, writing copy, designing the layout, and keeping tracks of analytics takes a lot of time. If you’ve been thinking about an email newsletter but haven’t found the time to tackle it yet, let a  marketing virtual assistant take care of it for.

Advertising Campaigns

These days, advertising covers a huge range of places. While some businesses may do really well with public advertising like the sides of buses or billboards, others may only need online advertising services, like on social media networks. Whatever the needs of your small business, our marketing virtual assistants are here to make sure they’re met.

Marketing Research

Some small businesses and startups already know how they want to reach their customers — but they still need to know more about those customers themselves. A marketing virtual assistant can help conduct all of the marketing research your company needs completed in order to execute an effective marketing plan.


Google AdWords is one of the best weapons in a small business owner’s arsenal for bringing in new clients. Let your marketing virtual assistant set up and manage your AdWords account to bring new clients through your website. (Or door, if you have one, by way of your website!)

Google Analytics

Not sure what all those graphs and numbers mean on your Google Analytics page? Don’t worry about it! Marketing virtual assistants know and they’ll break it down in a way you can understand.

Graphic Design

Your website needs images. Your social media needs images. Your ads need images. So how good are you at making images? If your answer is, “How do you even do that?” why not bring on a marketing virtual assistant who can do it for you?